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Madara Cosmetics stock owners freeby

Just a brief update on the Madara Cosmetics stock owners box, that I talked about when I bought the stock. 
As I said previously, ordering of the box was really easy and it came quickly in the mail. They promised it would arrive before the end of the month and it actually came already by the 15th, I think. 
The box is nicely packaged and all 4 products arrived safely. This time there was a night creme, lip balm, shimmering body lotion and a probiotic face mist. Knowing Madara prices it looks like the value was as promised. To be fully honest I am a bit less excited about this package compared to the spring one. Not sure why, maybe because I have a lot of lip balms and body moisturisers to be used up, so these do not excite me at the moment. But winter is coming so both are very useful, I am sure. The face mist I left in the office, in the dry office air it has been lovely to use it few times a day :) Night cream is nice and light- absorbs fast and smells good. No results yet, but I l…

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