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Growth Account is (Finally) Positive

It is truly hard to know what I want from the market. I mean for more than a half a year every time I logged on my LHV account I just saw red. Everything was below the purchase price and looked so depressing. At times my account was more than 12% below the purchase price, and for months 10% below... Of course, as a long term investor, it was a great time to buy, and I did try to save more and buy more ETFs... At the same time, it is now finally great to see some green. So for the second day in a row, my account is in profit. The overall look (including my single stock) has been in profit for about a month or so, as my MDARA stock has been profitable, but now also the Growth Account is finally in green. Just by 0,07%, but still, it's GREEN! So still a great time to buy, but also good time mentally when you do not need to look at the red numbers constantly...

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