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Where to save on your budget - part 1

I think in many times we get the general advice to quit the daily latte habit and hinting that this would lead to great success. I believe there is not a great value in cutting things you truly enjoy. Yes, maybe streamlining such costs and finding savings on them can be good. Even a latte can be perhaps even more rewarding if it is not bought every day but just sometimes. But I try to focus more on some more hidden costs I have realised I could cut or have already cut from my budget.
These are not always relevant for everyone but are meant to get you thinking along, so let's start!
Saving on energy in long-term.
Using only very energy efficient light bulbs in your home. They can be more expensive but moving on to these over several months when old ones break, leads to great savings in the long run. Depending on the sockets I use either LED or other energy efficient options. For me, it is really important as I use several plant lights with timers as in the north the days are short …

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